Robust and highly reliable, Viox inductive sensors are the ultimate choice for non-contact detection of metallic targets at distances up to 40 mm. Featuring vacuum-sealed electronics and durable metal housings, these sensors are protected against shock, vibration, dust, dirt, and moisture, making them perfect for the most challenging environments. 

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Inductive Proximity Sensors

Explore VIOX Inductive Sensors for non-contact metal detection using electromagnetic induction, ideal for automation. Available in AC/DC, shielded/unshielded, normally open/closed, and NPN/PNP configurations to suit diverse industrial needs.


Photoelectric Sensors

Discover VIOX Photoelectric Sensors for precise object detection using light beams, perfect for industrial manufacturing. Available in through-beam, retro-reflective, and diffuse configurations to meet diverse application needs.

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Color Mark Sensor​

VIOX Color Mark Sensors offer precise color and mark detection using true color recognition and RGB LEDs. Key features include automatic optimal LED selection, built-in amplifiers, IP67 rating for harsh environments, two-detection modes, digital adjustment functions, and bank switching for up to 8 settings. Ideal for label detection, seal detection, color matching, and plating detection, these sensors ensure high precision and reliability in various industrial applications.​​

15mm capacitive proximity sensor KI0206 Dimension

Linear Proximity Switch

Optimize your industrial automation and robotics with VIOX Linear Proximity Switches. Our sensors use inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, or ultrasonic methods to provide precise position feedback for linear actuators and moving parts.

15mm capacitive proximity sensor KI0206 Dimension

Safety Light Curtains

Enhance workplace safety with VIOX Safety Light Curtains. Our IR light barriers detect intrusions to stop hazardous machine motion, ensuring compliance with IEC safety standards. Ideal for access protection in industrial automation.

15mm capacitive proximity sensor KI0206 Dimension

Color mark sensor

Achieve precise color detection with VIOX Color Mark Sensors. Utilizing RGB LED light sources, our sensors offer high-speed color recognition for packaging, labeling, and manufacturing applications. Reliable with IP67 enclosures.

15mm capacitive proximity sensor KI0206 Dimension

Ring Proximity Switch

Discover VIOX Ring Proximity Switches for precise metal detection in automation. With inductive sensing, NPN/PNP outputs, and IP65+ durability, our sensors excel in robotics and material handling applications.

15mm capacitive proximity sensor KI0206 Dimension

Reed Proximity Switch

Explore VIOX Reed Proximity Switches for reliable non-contact metal detection. Featuring magnetically operated reed switches, NO/NC contacts, and durable housing, ideal for industrial automation and harsh environments.

15mm capacitive proximity sensor KI0206 Dimension

Remote Proximity Switch

Discover VIOX Remote Proximity Switches for versatile non-contact detection. With inductive, capacitive, and eddy current sensing, configurable outputs, and remote operation, ideal for automation, robotics, and material handling.